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dsc00176Tyrenian Group P/L is an Australian owned company, which was established in 2009 with the primary objective of specialising in the supply and installation of complete air conditioning systems, including manufacture and installation of air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems for luxury homes & small to large-scale commercial developments.

Tyrenian Group is involved in design & construct of any commercial building/luxury home & can provide construction/as built drawings, certification for local councils to BCA (Building Code of Australia),AS 1668.1-AS1668.2 & professional operating manuals.

Tyrenian group prides itself on tailoring air conditioning & energy savings to suit the clients needs.

We are located at 27/2 Cowpasture Place, Wetherill Park, NSW, Tyrenian Group P/L is ideally suited to servicing the Sydney region.


dsc00174Mechanical ventilation installations/rectifications/retrofits

* Air conditioning installations/rectifications/retrofits

* Indoor air quality

* Toxic/hazardous gas monitoring - (indoor air quality)

* CO monitoring for car park ventilation

* Fire damper inspections/reports/certifications for local councils

* Full design, construction drawings & certification

* Innovative energy savings solutions

* Compressed air installations

The owner, Robert Carzo and his management team has a customer service focus gained from many years of experience in this industry.


“To deliver to our valued customers, quality service, with a fast turnaround and a professional customer focus”


Tyrenian Group P/L has the infrastructure to tackle almost any size project, however we believe the optimum size of a job to suit our efficiency levels is up to half million (depending on the construction program).

Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact Robert on 0425 296 893 to discuss your requirements.

We would welcome the opportunity to tender on any air conditioning & mechanical ventilation projects you is tendering on.

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