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Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Lighting Upgrades:

LED lighting upgrades – Upgrade for as little as $5 per fitting supplied & installed thru the legislated government rebate plan, saving you up to 90% on your power consumtion & lamp life extened up to 8 times longer!

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning:

Compressor Optimization – State-of-the-art refrigeration controls, operate only on reaching pre-programmed fixed (static) values to switch compressors off and on or adjust capacity, minimizes compressor operation within the absolute switching values, with a resultant reduction in refrigeration and air conditioning compressor run time, reduced electricity consumption (Kwh) and maximum demand (Kw/KVA) as well as the maintenance of the required temperature.

Scale & slime prevention to cooling towers & water pumps – Innovative cost effective ways to save on water evaporation, chemical dosage & running costs to water cooled HVAC plants, by optimising heat transfer with no scale or slime build up which inturn saves on power consumption as pump works efficciently (up to 40%!!).

CO monitoring to car park ventilation systems c/w variable speed drives – Ensure that your car park ventilation runs only when required by monitoring CO emissions & adjusting fan speeds accordingly.

Variable speed drives to fans & pump motors – Optimising running costs to cooling tower fans & condenser/chilled water pumps by adjusting speeds to suit load conditions.

Smart temperature controllers – Variable air volume for zoning of air conditioning layout, saving on running costs by sending conditioned air to where required most, thus reaching set points much faster.

Water cooled outside air retrofits – Replacement of mechanical fresh air fans to innovative water cooled heat exchangers to reduce building heat load to HVAC plants.
Innovative refrigeration expansion devices – Allows cooling to take place throughout the entire evaporator coil. This greater surface area creates a larger cooling surface. Also, it cools spaces much faster than conventional systems.

Solar energy fitted to roof tops for strata management – Harness free electricity to run your HVAC plant