Big Bear Shopping Centre in Neutral Bay

🕰️ Time and Again, Tyrenian Triumphs! 🏆

At Tyrenian Group, we don’t just work with time—we master it! Our latest collaboration with Mettle Construction Services is a testament to our mastery, where we orchestrated a symphony of mechanical ventilation works.

The Challenge: 🎼
Our mission? To enhance the atmosphere at Big Bear Shopping Centre in Neutral Bay. This project demanded precision and efficiency, as we needed to install new mechanical services, upgrade mechanical ventilation in wet areas with exhaust systems, and supply air conditioning to the lobby area—all within a tight timeframe.

Our Mastery in Action: 🌟
Our team, known for their expertise, tackled the challenge head-on. We seamlessly integrated a new mechanical services switchboard, revamped mechanical exhaust systems for improved ventilation in wet areas, and introduced a refreshing air conditioning system to the bustling lobby. Our mastery ensured every element worked in harmony.

The Result: 🎉
The project was not only completed on time but also defect-free! The shopping centre now boasts a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, enhancing the experience for shoppers and visitors.

⏱️ Time Is on Our Side!
At Tyrenian Group, we understand the value of time, and we excel at delivering solutions promptly and flawlessly.

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