The Manors of Mosman Mechanical Upgrade

🏢 Revamping The Manors of Mosman: Elevating Comfort and Efficiency

At Tyrenian Group, we take on challenges with unwavering commitment, and our recent project at The Manors of Mosman was no exception. Let’s dive into the details of how we transformed this space:

1. SA Lobby Area: Enhancing Ventilation and Air Quality
In the lobby area, we identified a crucial need for improved ventilation and air quality. Our solution? We supplied and installed a side wall service access hatch on the rooftop plant area, addressing the issue of in-line fan noise and corroded ducts. To ensure compliance with AS1668 Mechanical Ventilation standards, we replaced the last piece of corroded in-line duct, along with installing new supply air filters.

2. Level 1 – SA: Upgrading to Modern Comfort
The apartments on Level 1 were in need of a modern comfort upgrade. We removed the wet area ceiling grid and tiles to gain access to the air-cooled condensers on the roof plant area. The existing air conditioning systems were replaced with new model Daikin 6.0kw reverse cycle split ducted systems. This comprehensive upgrade included new sheet-metal transitions and the removal and disposal of redundant systems. Post-installation, we reinstalled ceiling grids, thoroughly tested, and commissioned the new systems to ensure peak performance.

3. Indoor Pool Dehumidifier: A Fresh Approach to Air Quality
To address the indoor pool’s air quality and dehumidification requirements, we supplied and installed a new pool PAC unit. Despite the absence of condensation issues, the existing Air Solutions air change unit had reached the end of its operational life. Our proposal involved installing an Air Change ACPP heat exchanger packaged unit, complete with necessary ductwork and provisions for outside air incorporation and heat reclamation. Due to space limitations, the Air Change ACPP unit was ordered in kit form and assembled within the plant room.

4. Indoor Pool Bathrooms: Battle Against Condensation
The pool bathrooms presented challenges with dampness and condensation. To tackle this issue, we recommended the installation of new door grilles alongside door replacements. These grilles facilitate appropriate air transfer and contribute to improved air quality. Additionally, we identified the need to replace the existing booster fan (150-200 diameter) with a more efficient 250-300 diameter fan with two-speed options, ensuring enhanced airflow and better ventilation.

🌟 Exceeding Expectations
At Tyrenian Group, we’re not just about meeting requirements; we’re committed to surpassing them. Our work at The Manors of Mosman showcases our dedication to elevating comfort, safety, and efficiency. Our innovative solutions and meticulous execution ensure that every project we undertake goes above and beyond.

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