Storage King – Gregory Hills (design & construct air conditioning & mechanical ventilation)

🏢 Storage King Gregory Hills: Mechanical Marvel on Every Floor

Within the Storage King facility in Gregory Hills, mechanical prowess reigns supreme. Each floor boasts a unique array of mechanical systems, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and efficiency:

🖥️ Ground Floor Mechanical Systems

Office/Showroom: A Daikin wall-mounted split unit provides precise climate control.
Tearoom: A wall fan exhaust system keeps the air fresh and comfortable.
Cleaners Room: An efficient exhaust system ensures a clean and pleasant environment.
Washrooms (WC): Exhaust systems guarantee optimal ventilation.
Switch Room: A dedicated supply air system keeps vital equipment operating smoothly.
Loading Dock: High-level exhaust, equipped with a CO sensor, maintains air quality, all connected to the non-essential mechanical switchboard.
Fire Pump Room: The ventilation exhaust system, linked to the essential service MSB, ensures safety.

🏢 Second Floor Supply
The second floor receives its supply air from the rooftop fan (SF11), which travels through a down riser adjacent to the lift shaft. This system operates intelligently, controlled by a precise time clock located in the non-essential mechanical board.

🏢 Third Floor Elegance
On the third floor, the focus is on maintaining a pristine atmosphere within the display rooms (EF10-18). Local thermostats, connected to the non-essential mechanical board, ensure that comfort meets excellence.

🌟 Project Achievements
The objectives set by the client were not just met but exceeded. The project was executed efficiently, even ahead of schedule, with zero defects. This outstanding performance earned Tyrenian Group a glowing five-star Google review from Alex Tran at the Mainbrace head office.

🏆 Notable Outcomes
As a testament to our capabilities, Tyrenian Group secured the contract for this project, which encompassed both design and construction. Remarkably, we delivered this outstanding solution at a price point below the market average.

At Tyrenian Group, we turn mechanical challenges into opportunities for excellence. Our commitment to quality and efficiency shines through in every project, making us the trusted choice for mechanical solutions.

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